Bibola Castle


Located at the top of a hill, this castle overlooks the major part of the Magra valley. It was first owned by the lords of Bibola and later taken over by Bernabo Malaspina de Filattiera in the first half of the XIIIth century. Bequeathed to the bishops of Luni when he died, it was passed to the Malaspinas of Lusuolo in 1355 and sold after a century to the Malaspinas of Fosdinovo. Until  the XVIIth century, the castle was only a military post, allowing the traffic of the troops inland. Giovani delle Bande Nere understood this perfectly and occupied it in 1525 in order to prevent the marquess Malaspina de Lusuolo's army, who were arriving from Sarzane, to rejoin the troops posted at Aulla. The battlements, built at the end of the XVth century, surrounds and protects the village and the castle.