Brunella Castle



Erected in the XVth century, this huge stronghold overlooks the strategic town of Aulla, at the merging of the Magra and Aulella rivers. Probably built by Jacopo Ambrogio Malaspina, first marquess of this fief, it was later altered by its successive owners: Giovanni delle Bande Nere, who lived there in 1522, and then the Centurione family, who got hold of the fief in the first half of the XVIth century. In 1716, the Emperor gave it back to the Malaspinas of Podenzana. For remaining faithful to the Emperor during the wars bringing the Empire into conflict with the Bourbons of Spain and of France, the stronghold, where the Emperor's army took refugee, was besieged by the Spanish. They occupied it for three years. When the castle was taken over after a siege which lasted for nearly three weeks, a Te Deum was celebrated in Madrid cathedral.