Fosdinovo Castle



Assessed as early as the XIIth century, the castle became the marquesses of Malaspina's residence two centuries later.

The fortress has been known from the XIIth century and it became the residence of the marquesses Malaspina of Fosdinovo in the XIVth century. Possession of the marquess Torregiani Malaspina, it is nowadays the most important of all the Malaspinian castles. Dante presumably stayed there, as reminded by the name given to a tower. Fosdinovo village still holds many bearings of the importance of the Malaspina family in the course of the centuries, i.e. the marble sarcophagus of Galeotto Malaspina in San Remigio Church or else the collection of paintings inside the castle reception room. The building is located at the top of a hill, which allowed the marquesses to control both the plain and the coast. Under Spinetta il Grande, it was the Gibelan and Malaspinian political and military centre against the bishops of Luni and the power of the Pope.