Licciana e Panicale Castle



⁃    The Castle of Piano: On the left bank of the Taverone torrent, the Castle of Piano, built in the XVIth century, was used as a dwelling by the marquesses of Licciana and Panicale.


⁃    Malaspina de Licciana Castle: Erected to control the Transapennian traffic, the village and the castle, thanks to their strategic prepoderance, caught the attention of the marquesses Malaspina de Villafranca, who got hold of it in 1301. In 1535, Licciana and Panicale estate were declared an independent fief and granted to the first marquess Malaspina de Licciana, Jacopo I, and later passed to his descendants until the arrival of the Napoleonic troops in 1797. Refurbished as a dwelling at the beginning of the XVIIth century, the tower alone, presumably from the Middle-Ages, remains from the former castle.