Massa Ducal Palace



The alterations completed by the successive owners explain the stylistic heterogeneity of the palace, erected by Alberto Cybo Malaspina in  the XVIth century. Under the influence of the Genoese style, Carlo I was the first to order many changes on the building in order to throw large parties there. He had a reception room added, a terrace and then an additional aisle, as well as a loggia closing the inner court. Later, Alessandro Bergamini reorganized the structure, playing on the chromatic contrast between marbles and white and red stuccos. The inner decorations were enriched throughout the centuries by the paintings by Francesco Natali. The ducal chapel also exhibits valuable works of art, such as Carlo Pellegrini's frescoes and the Nativity retable by Matteo Civitali. The Malaspina family's necropoleis and chapel are situated under Saint Peter and Saint François Cathedral.