Pozzol Groppo Castle

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In 1164, Pozzol Groppo was granted to the marquess Obizzo Malaspina by Federico Barbarossa when he made the Malaspina estates imperial fiefs. Built in the XIIIth century for the marquesses of the Spino Fiorito, the castle was chosen for its situation over the surrounding valleys, Curone, Grue and Staffora. The central building, which dates back to the XIVth century, was then flanked by three tall and narrow towers and protected by battlements erected in the XVIth century by the marquess Cesare Malaspina where the former fortifications once were. At the foot of the castle is Pozzolo cemetery, where rests forever the last lord Malaspina of the castle, the marquess Alberto, dead at Brescia on 11th April, 1889 during the exercise of his duty as public prosecutor of the king by the Court of Appeal.