Verrucola Bosi Castle




A very massive stronghold, this castle is a unique example of medieval architecture. Spinetta took refuge there in 1312 when Castruccio Castracani assaulted the fortress for two weeks. After his exile, Louis of Bavaria returned the castle and the fief to Spinetta in 1328 when his enemy died.


Spinetta eventually undertook the refurbishing of the castle in the hope of establishing a political and military centre for the entire Lunigiane. Spinetta's descendants occupied this fief until 1477. The last marquess, Jacopo de Fivizzano, set up there one of the first printing press in Europe in  1471.


Verrucola cylindrical tower, which overlooks the village of Fivizzano from a pass, has obviously military origins. It was erected around the XIVth century to protect and help defend the neighbouring castle.